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should My Blog display a static HOME page or latest posts?

What does the primary entrance to your site look like? It’s a question every blogger must answer. Your decision will shape public perception of your brand. But which approach is better? Static or latest posts?

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WebEnertia.COM – Eye Candy For Desktop Users

The moment I landed on, the first thought I had was: are you sure this is a blog? With all the magazine and static content home page designs these days, it’s not always obvious. blog design above the fold
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The #1 Problem with Most Premium Blog Themes

I don’t personally know all the designers and developers who are cranking out the hundreds of themes on ThemeForest, but I can tell you on thing about them:

They don’t know how to size a font.

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Don’t Call It a Blog!

Timing is everything. Reviewing blog themes, designs, and content was a great idea ten years ago. Executing the great idea ten years late? Well… I may need an intervention.

It turns out that when you wait for a decade, things change. Blogs are still around, thankfully, and themes are still being designed. What’s changed is the terminology. Somewhere around 2012, a large segment of bloggers started transitioning their home page designs from a single column of blog articles to a static, more traditional website feel. 

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Why Our Blog Theme Is So Minimal

For a blog that likes to taste and sample other blog themes, you’d think we’d put a lot of time and energy into our own design. Those who can’t do, teach, right?

Fair point.

Since blog tasting is the name of this gig, I thought it would be fitting for our theme to avoid being a distraction to the content. So you’ll notice that you hardly notice the design of this theme, because we’ve focused on the content we’re actually writing about.


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