My mind was somewhere else as I backed up the car until I heard CRRRRUUUUNNNCH!!!

We managed without a nanny for six months. It was a frustrating season for mom and dad. Our pod was completed, but we couldn’t find an opportunity to use it until we hired some help.

A week before Christmas, we found someone uniquely qualified to assist with both domestic and professional duties.

We instantly had room to breathe for the first time in a very long time.

And then I wrecked her car. On day two.

In my defense, we live in a valley surrounded by forested hills and I never have cars parked behind mine at the house. So while I may have seen it peripherally as I stepped into the SUV, it was completely erased from memory by the time I put the car in reverse.

Absentmindedly backing up in an arc to turn around, I hear CRRRRUUUUNNNCH!!!

What on earth?!?! I’m disoriented and confused. There’s no logical reason for the sound. Unless the kids left a tricycle behind the car.



There was a car there.

I’ve just damaged our brand new assistant’s car.

She’s going to think we’re nuts.

There’s nothing left to do but go face the music. And hope she doesn’t leave in anger.


Turns out, she’s levelheaded and understanding. Thank God. I reported the accident to my insurance and got them rolling on it immediately. Other than a brief misunderstanding where they scheduled a rental for me instead of her, the car was repaired without incident.

Kudos to me for killer first impressions.