I’ve spent years reading, studying, and writing blogs to fit formulas in search of the golden ticket. And I’ve recently had a cathartic moment of truth when I realized my bloglife had to change.

Money is great. It pays bills. It feeds families. But I can’t blog anylonger with money as my chief goal. The message has to be AUTHENTIC, from the heart, and free of gimmicks. Much love to all the “how to blog” blogs out there, but my #1 goal is to write content worth writing.

Maybe that’s what they’ve been saying all along. But I was so busy trying to game the system that I went about blogging all wrong. I wrote what I thought people wanted to hear first. I did the keyword research. I used search engine optimized titles. I am, after all, a professional SEO (among other things). But I looked to the tactic to drive traffic instead of the content.

I abandoned my first love.

Don’t beat me up over semantics. I mean “my first love” in regards to blogging.

It takes more than a formula or a set of tricks to make a blog popular. It takes heart. It takes passion. It takes commitment. It takes focus. It takes expertise. It takes a person who loves the subject matter more than the dollar he/she makes from the subject matter.

I don’t mind the fact that legacy CultureFeast.com articles cover the costs of hosting and domain registration. But I’m headed in a new direction, even if that direction comes slow as molasses. There is no life insurance policy like living your dream and sharing your passion.

I’m on the path to a better quality of life (some might call it “the ABUNDANT life”), and I hope you’ll ride along with me.