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Category: Theme Reviews

WebEnertia.COM – Eye Candy For Desktop Users

The moment I landed on, the first thought I had was: are you sure this is a blog? With all the magazine and static content home page designs these days, it’s not always obvious. blog design above the fold
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The #1 Problem with Most Premium Blog Themes

I don’t personally know all the designers and developers who are cranking out the hundreds of themes on ThemeForest, but I can tell you on thing about them:

They don’t know how to size a font.

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Best WordPress Themes of 2017

Unlike most sites you’ll find on Google claiming to review the best wordpress themes of 2017, I’m only going to review themes published since December 2016. At some point I’ll publish a year-in-review post reviewing the best themes of 2016 so you know what to compare the newest themes against. But for now, let’s hit those themes that are already published in 2017.

Go ahead and bookmark this page so you can find it again later. I’ll be updating this article frequently.

The Best WordPress Themes of 2017

Market Theme, by Restored 316 Designs, is a mobile-responsive Genesis Child Theme for small businesses selling direct to consumers.

CHRISBROGAN.COM – POPULAR With Room for Improvement

It’s easy to become enamored with a rising star. A person who is constantly praised for his insight, expertise, and authority. It’s also easy to drink the koolaid before you’ve checked the ingredients.

Okay, I’m going to be totally honest. The worst part about this blog design is the logo. I mean, Seriously? A white “B” in a red circle? What about that says Chris Brogan?

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