Timing is everything. Reviewing blog themes, designs, and content was a great idea ten years ago. Executing the great idea ten years late? Well… I may need an intervention.

It turns out that when you wait for a decade, things change. Blogs are still around, thankfully, and themes are still being designed. What’s changed is the terminology. Somewhere around 2012, a large segment of bloggers started transitioning their home page designs from a single column of blog articles to a static, more traditional website feel. 

After so many years, bloggers finally seem to have gotten tired of being called “bloggers.” Doctors roll their eyes when patients quote bloggers as their source for health research. Reporters snort and snark when a blogger is quoted. Blue collar workers think it’s a joke when someone says blogging is their actual job. After a while, it wore people down. Writers, photographers, and videographers working hard to make a living want to be taken seriously. 

So even though blogging is an honorable term of endearment in my book (or blog), I notice fewer and fewer people calling their blog a blog. It’s a website, a magazine, a gallery, a portfolio… anything but a blog. That’s a shame, because I L-O-V-E the word “blog”. 

My favorite book ever is Blogging Heroes, by Michael A. Banks. I wish he’d written sequels. I currently own two blogs with “blog” in the domain. This is one of them. It’s niche. Like Gary Vaynerchuk always says, find a niche that you’re passionate about, and write about it. 

I may be ten years late to the party. So be it. But I’m willing to bet that there’s a group of you out there who, like me, just love blogs, blog themes, blog brands, and all the amazing ways blogs are used to communicate in the world while making money. 

This is my niche. You are my people. Welcome to Blog Tasting.