Q: How do you pick which blogs, themes, or plugins to review?

Great question! No idea. It’s pretty much whatever occurs to us. [Shrugs]

Q: Do you write sponsored reviews?

Nope! Although we are affiliates to any and all theme designers and developers possible. That just means we add a link to where you can buy a theme we’ve mentioned. If you purchase, we earn a couple bucks.

Q: What’s the best way to contact you?

If you have a comment or question about a particular review, leave a comment below it. If it’s a general topic, drop us a note through the contact page.

Q: Why should I care what you think about these themes or sites?

I’m not saying you should. But if it matters, here’s a quick resume:

I (Daniel) have been an avid fan of WordPress since 2005. I’ve created 50+ websites built on WordPress and have utilized hundreds of themes during that time. I also spent seven years providing digital marketing strategy to clients across the country and have co-managed a popular wellness blog for the past four years.