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Is Your Vision Worth Keeping? Then Don’t Let it Go

I just laid my journal back down on the desk. All it takes is 5-10 minutes to relieve the pressure building up on the inside. Today’s pressure goes back to personal vision.

Today my father turns 66 years old. That sounded ancient to me when I was 22. I would be a famous world changer well before ever facing my sixties. As a matter of fact, I had world changing slated for my late 20s and possibly even into my early 30s if things took a while to develop.

Something’s aged on the inside. 66 doesn’t sound so old anymore. I’ll be there in a blink. And then what? Will I have even touched the fulfillment of the dreams I had for my 20s?

It’s tempting to see how little has happened since I envisioned early success and get lost in the hopelessness of it all. It’s easy to predict future failures based on recent ones.

And yet…

I’m reminded that I saw a vision and held a purpose closely to my heart when we first moved onto this land in the foothills of Tennessee. And I’m reminded that I don’t actually have to give up on that dream, just because no one else has championed my cause or volunteered to help me push it forward.

So I’m not giving up. Even though our blog business has demanded far more of my time and attention than I was expecting, I choose yet again to not give up on the dream for this land. And even though the rest of the year will be spent conducting a thorough website content audit rather than creating our land map and permaculture Zone 1 Design, I choose to keep sight of the fact that what we do financially empowers us to develop our homestead and community.

I choose to be thankful for the blog work. Because the work makes the rest of it possible.

Don’t Give Up!

That sounds so trite and easy to say. I almost didn’t. But I wanted you to hear it, directly from me to you. Don’t give up. Take one inch of a step forward toward your vision. Unless the dream has truly gasped its last breath, there is still more you can do.

Read a book. Take your research to a deeper level. Schedule coffee with a mentor. Buy a tool that lets you practice. Baby steps are all we have. Don’t give up. I’m going to double my reading time and add the Edible Forest Gardens double book monster set by Dave Jacke into my daily reading repertoire. It’s been sitting on the shelf long enough. It’s time to arm myself with knowledge! Take that next step with me and keep momentum moving toward your finish line.

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