…You are concerned about the direction our culture has taken. You try to avoid current events because the bad news never stops. You focus your thoughts and dreams on what you might do to provide for your own family under many different scenarios.

You don’t want to live in fear. But you don’t want to be a fool either. So you keep on building, working, planning. But you ponder. What if? What would we do? Is there more that we could do now?

Yes. There is. There is more. You can create. And in the process of creation, you can provide. You can supply. You can protect. You can build rather than horde or destroy.

It is time to become a more capable human being. Time to become a person with REAL skills. And to, in turn, pass those skills on to a new generation. A generation who will never know the latchkey tv babysitter world.

The next generation will be competent, capable, and aware. They will be free, independent, and capable of making the decisions that must be made to return our region to the freedom it so ungratefully used to know. But this new generation will not just be free. They will be able. They will be creative. They will be skilled. They will be wise. And we are their fathers. We are their mothers.

And through the process of our actions and our changes in course, we create new neural pathways to a future that was formally impossible, but is now become possible. New neural pathways. New social pathways.

We will, because we must. And we must, before all is stripped away.

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