The moment I landed on, the first thought I had was: are you sure this is a blog? With all the magazine and static content home page designs these days, it’s not always obvious. blog design above the fold

First Taste: This is Not a Blog

The first thing I do whenever I land on a new blog to review is to screen capture the design above the fold, then screen capture subsequent scrolls until I reach the footer. I want to take it all in, and experience what the visitor might experience who has been referred to the website.

With my first sip, I didn’t know whether WebEnertia was a blog with a static page or a static website with a blog. There’s a fine line of difference between the two. The main difference being which type of content on the site functions as primary? Does the static content serve as window dressing for the blog? Or does the blog content serve as window dressing for the static?

Good Surprise: The Logo

As I scrolled, I noticed that the logo color surprised me. I thought it had looked different. Then I scrolled again. It changed colors again. Oh! I see, the image and the word “Web” are transparent and show the design of the image or color behind it. I like that. I like it a lot.

Second Scroll: Outlined Clickable Boxes are the New Normal

webenertia home page second scroll

Third Scroll: Eye Candy Icons

Fourth Scroll: Video and Great Color Separation

The site continues to be visually pleasing. The video provides action and movement. It prevents the home page from feeling abandoned and stale. Directly below it, the three column partitioned orange font with an instantly recognizable image of California and the large centered 100+ really pop. It was worth visiting this site just to give my eyes a treat.

webenertia home page fourth scroll

Scroll 5: Portfolio Street Cred

So, not a blog primarily, then

As you can see by scrolling through the home page and clicking around on the various pages, this is not primarily a blog. But, man, is it pretty on a desktop screen! Let’s move on to the blog section of the site and see what we see…

Above the Fold

From a desktop view, a lot of the above-the-fold space is taken up by this blue rectangle and the title of this section. Let’s scroll down to look at the recent articles display with thumb nail views.

Below the Fold

The very first thing I notice is the cursive fancy font overlaid onto the images. Two simple words each time. Obviously not the titles. You can see the individual post titles below the image. So the overlaid fancy text serves as more of a Post Category announcement. Interesting idea. If you’re only interested in a particular niche within web marketing, design, and development, you could easily pick a most recent article that is likely to speak your language.

Who Is WebEnertia?

WebEnertia is an award-winning interactive web design and development agency based out of Silicon Valley; with locations in San Jose & San Francisco.